Lechuza Classico 28 self-watering

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The Classico is timelessly elegant with a simple, contemporary design that lets your plants do the talking. With it's silky matte surface, the Classico speaks high-quality design and smart functionality. Thanks to the reliable LECHUZA soil irrigation system, the plants can take as much water and nutrients as and when they need it. In outdoor areas, the removable bottom screw protects against waterlogging in heavy rain. Just follow the easy planting instructions provided.

Top tip: Never fill the water more than maximum indicated level, or it will start to drown the roots. Maintaining water levels at half way between min & max of the water gauge is ideal. 

Classico 28

Pot width: 28cm at the top. Fits a 20 - 25cm grow pot. 

Pot height: 27cm

Note* some extra potting soil may be required to pot the plant.

Plant sold separately.

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