JAZZY [String of Bananas]

Senecio radicans

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String of Bananas is closely related to the String of Pearls, and is famous for its cascading habit. Jazzy's also tougher than his pearly cousin! His fleshy leaves resemble the shape of miniature green bananas, hence his name. This is a fast growing, easy-care plant for those who want an instant hanging effect. Jazzy can also be grown outdoors in semi-shade.

Grow pot width 16cm. Decorative pot sold separately. 

Caring for Jazzy


Jazzy loves basking in morning light, but shies away from harsh afternoon light, which burns his vines. He'll also be happy outside in semi-shade hanging from a tree or pergola.

Water & humidity

Jazzy likes to dry out between waterings, like a succulent. But the trick is to water him before the soil gets bone dry. This is about once a week to 10 days in summer, depending on conditions. Poke your finger a few centimetres into the soil to test for moisture. If it's dry all the way down to the roots then water.


Only once in summer, succulents like Jazzy prefer maintaining a strict diet.


You can re-pot in spring if he starts outgrowing his nursery pot. Only use a succulent mix. Vines are also easy to propagate. Just take a cutting and stick it in moist soil, keeping fairly moist until the stem roots.

Atrium Top Tip

The trick with Jazzy is not to over-water & let him get enough indirect light. Jazzy grows naturally among dry rocky areas, hanging down cliffs & rooting where he goes. When the vines get too thick & heavy they drop to the ground. If there's enough moisture they'll root on the spot.

Quirky plant fact

If you cut a vine it splits in two. At this node is where roots grow. You can loop a snipped vine back up into the grow pot, peg it to the soil where new roots will grow. This way you can keep your plant looking lush & full in the pot.

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