HENRIETTA [Hibiscus rosa sinensis]

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A throwback to the 80s where gardens were full of tropical blooms, the Hibiscus is back! Big, bold and bootylicious - who can resist these tropical flowers? Hibiscus do best with at least 3 - 6 hours of sun a day (morning sun is best) either outdoors on a balcony, or by a well lit window.  

Comes in a 19cm plastic grow pot. Decorative planter sold separately

Caring for Henrietta


Hibiscus need lots of light to flower, but prefer staying out of the hot afternoon sun as they can dry out and burn.

Water & humidity

Hibiscus love humidity and enjoy semi-moist soil. Check the soil moisture each day by touching the top of the soil. If it feels dry, your plant needs to be watered. If it feels damp and slightly spongy, the soil is wet enough. They prefer warm/room temperature water.


Hibiscus need lots of nutrients to keep those blooms lush. Feed every 2nd week with an organic fertiliser formulated for fruiting & flowering. It will be high in Potassium (K) (this encourages flowering), and a fair amount of Nitrogen (N). Too much Nitrogen will induce leaf growth, but not flowers.


Re-pot in spring before the main blooming period. Use regular potting soil with added peat moss (or our Hemp Super Soil).

Atrium Top Tip

Watch out for aphids! These tiny black bugs attach themselves to the flower buds and can wreak havoc. Remove by spraying with water at first sign of them. Use an organic pesticide for bad infestations. Keep your Hibiscus warm in winter. It also responds well to pruning.

Quirky plant fact

There are over 200 species of Hibiscus in the world. In Tahiti, women traditionally wear hibiscus flower behind the right ear to flaunt their single status and show they are looking for someone special, while married women wear hibiscus behind the left ear.

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