BURRO [Burro's Tail]

sedum morganianum

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Burro's Tail or Donkey's Tail is one of the best hanging plants around & highly forgiving. Don't be surprised to see a mature specimen with 3 metre long stems, covered in dozens of grey-green, plump leaves lined up like droplets. 

Comes in a 10cm hanging grow pot.

Due to the sensitive nature of the leaves that drop off easily when moved, this plant is Available for delivery in Gauteng only.

Caring for Burro


Place your Donkey's Tail next to a sunny east or north facing window, or outside where it gets dappled or morning sun.

Water & humidity

This guy is a succulent and stores lots of water in those plump little leaves, so don't overwater. Only water when the top layer of soil is dry. Reduce watering in winter to once every 3-4 weeks. Mature plants can go fora month without H20. When the leaves shrivel like raisins then it's time for a drink - watch them plump out again.


Succulents don't need much feeding, but will apperciate an organic fertiliser once during the growing season.


Re-pot in Spring if necessary, only use a cactus/succulent soil. You can propagate stem cuttings by removing the bottom third of the leaves from the base of the stem and leaving the stem to dry and fom a callous (hardening off). Plant stem in moist succulent soil. Keep moist until it roots.

Atrium Top Tip

The fleshy leaves are very delicate so beware of moving the plant around too much. If they fall off, simply pop them back ontop of the soil where they will root & grow a new stem.

Quirky plant fact

The Burro's tail orginates from Mexico where it grows down rocky cliffs. On older plants, flowers emerge in late summer in hanging clusters of small blossoms. 

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