KAA [Snake Plant]

Sansiveria trifasciata

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Sleep is the best medicine.

The Snake Plant is unusual and virtually unkillable. Kaa is a striking architectural plant that will add visual drama in the brightest of spots, or the shadiest. He doesn't need much water and is one of the best plants to purify the air! Sansiverias emit large amounts of oxygen at night, helping you sleep better. It's a great plant to have in your bedroom. Sansiverias originate from the drier regions of southern Africa, Madagascar and southeast Asia. 

Comes in a 20cm grow pot. Decorative pot sold separately. 

Caring for Kaa


Kaa is a most obliging houseplant and will be happy in bright light or low-light situations.

Water & humidity

Water once every 10 days or so. Sansiveria's don't like to be over watered and the soil should dry out between waterings. Snake plants aren't phased by humidity, but as cold-blooded creatures they like to be warm.


Once in summer with 1-2 BonsaiBoost Canola Meal sachets. Don't over fertilise, Snake Plants take a long time to digest their food.


Snake plants are rapid growers and may need re-potting annually. A well-grown Sansiveria can split a clay pot with its mass of underground shoots. They can be divided easily during re-potting.

Atrium Top Tip

Want more Snake Plants? Propagating them is easy. Carefully dig out new shoots that emerge from the soil as spikes, and plant them in their own containers with well draining potting mix.

Quirky plant fact

Sansiverias were first cultivated in China as a treasured houseplant and their owners were bestowed the eight virtues of long life: prosperity, intelligence, beauty, art, poetry, health, and strength. Get your Feng Shui on & place this plant near the entrance to your house so that the eight virtues can circulate through your home.

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