PORTIA [Spekboom]

Portulacaria afra

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Healthy never looked so good

One of South Africa's gems. This local succulent is an oxygen machine, and a single hectare can convert 4,2 tons of carbon dioxide into oxygen each yer. It's a great health plant with leaves containing manganese, cobalt and magnesium. It also contains micro elements iodine and selenium, which acts as an antioxidant. It's lemony tasting leaves are perfect in salads. If you want an easy plant that oozes health benefits, look no further. The Spekboom is incredibly versatile and can thrive in desert conditions and wet rainforest conditions. 

Decorative pot sold separately. 

Caring for Portia


The Spekboom is incredibly versatile and can thrive in bright desert conditions or darker rainforest-type climates.

Water & hunidity

Weekly. Never over water, Spekbooms can more readily adapt to dry conditions and will rot if overwatered


Fertilise once during the growing season.


Re-pot when the roots are growing out the drainage holes. Use a cactus or succulent potting mix.

Atrium Top Tip

You can propagate your Spekboom easily by taking a cutting below a node. Remove the bottom leaves, dip the end of the stem into hormone powder and plant into moist succulent mix.

Quirky plant fact

Its carbon-storing capabilities makes it up to 10 times more effective than any tropical rain forest. It lives up to 200 years! 

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