ARIEL Large [Asplenium nidus; Bird's Nest Fern]

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Just hanging out

Ariel likes to hang out high in the nooks of jungle trees –  Hence her name ‘Bird’s Nest Fern’. She’s a mysterious lady, able to survive without soil (epiphytic), but that only adds to her intrigue. She’s also just as happy in a pot, pouting and showing off her glossy fronds. 
Comes in a 20cm plastic grow pot. Decorative pot sold separately  

Caring for Ariel


Low to medium. Ariel lives under the jungle canopy, so does not enjoy direct sunlight. 

Water & humidity

Water 1-2 times per week. Most ferns enjoy moist, but not waterlogged soil. Ariel is slightly more forgiving of the occasionally forgetful houseplant owner and can weather short dry spells. She tolerates lower humidity than most ferns.


1-2 times in summer with our organic Canola Meal sachets. Too much will cause yellow spots on the leaves.


Epiphytic plants grow with a minimum amount of organic material, and will continue growing above the soil. Only re-pot if their weight tips the pot over. Never pot epiphytic plants with normal potting soil! Use a loose, aerated and friable soil that drains well. Mix one part peat moss, perlite and potting mix. Orchid mix will also do.

Atrium Top Tip

Be careful of the Christmas beetles as they find Ariel rather delicious. Turn off the lights and close windows at night if they become a problem. A bio organic pesticide will also help.

Quirky plant fact

The Christmas beetles are on to something. Apparently the sprouts of the Bird's Nest Fern are indeed yummy. In Taiwan they are fried with chilli and garlic.

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