[Begonia 'Emerald Princess']
[Begonia 'Emerald Princess']
[Begonia 'Emerald Princess']
[Begonia 'Emerald Princess']
[Begonia 'Emerald Princess']
[Begonia 'Emerald Princess']
[Begonia 'Emerald Princess']
[Begonia 'Emerald Princess']

REX [Begonia 'Emerald Princess']

Begonia Rex 'Emerald Princess'


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A truly stunning houseplant. The Begonia's leaf colouration is somewhat jaw-dropping with shimmers of emerald green. This is sure to be one of your favourites and will get loads of compliments! 

Comes in a 14cm grow pot. Decorative planter sold separately. Due to the sensitive nature of the leaves this plant is available for Gauteng delivery only.

Flat shipping rates apply per order (add more plants & pay the same on shipping). Gauteng R79, Western Cape R89. Rest of South Africa R119 (Except Limpopo, Mpumalanga & Northern Cape R149).

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Caring for Rex


Place Rex in indirect light near an east facing window. Begonias can tolerate less light because they are not aggressive bloomers, but need adequate filtered light to grow bushy. Direct sun will lead to burning of the leaves.

Water & humidity

Water regularly, keeping the soil slightly moist, but not soggy, letting just the top layer of soil dry out a bit. When the leaves droop it's time to water. Rex doesn't like being waterlogged, and he expecially hates a wet hairdo. Getting water on the leaves can spell the end of this plant as they quickly develop mildew. Use a long nose watering can to get the H20 directly into the soil, without splashing leaves.


Once every month with a balanced fertiliser. Do not fertilise in winter.


The Begonia Rex is a rhizomatous plant, meaning it grows from a stubby root stock or rhizome. These plants like larger pots where the rhizome has room to spread. If you see the rhizome start to butt up against the side of the pot, it's time to re-pot. You can divide the rhizome to increase your plant stock.

Atrium Top Tip

Don't leave Rex sitting in water for even a second. It's best to water in a sink and let the water fully run out the bottom of the pot.

Quirky plant fact

The Begonia Rex species, from which all the plants were bred, comes from Assam, northern India.