[Bleeding Heart Vine]
[Bleeding Heart Vine]
[Bleeding Heart Vine]
[Bleeding Heart Vine]
[Bleeding Heart Vine]
[Bleeding Heart Vine]
[Bleeding Heart Vine]
[Bleeding Heart Vine]

CLEOME [Bleeding Heart Vine]

Clerodendrum thomsoniae

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Originating from tropical West Africa the Clerodendrum thomsoniae or Bleeding Heart Vine will have you wrapped around her tendrils in no time. We love Cleome's abundant rich green leaves and dangling cream and red flowers. Enjoy this plant spilling from a hanging basket, or train it up a trellis.    

Comes in a 20cm hanging grow pot. Decorative pot sold separately. Available Gauteng only.

Flat shipping rates apply per order (add more plants & pay the same on shipping). Gauteng R79. Rest of South Africa R119 (Except Limpopo, Mpumalanga & Northern Cape R149).

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Caring for Cleome


Clerodendrums need bright light for flowering. Place by an east or north facing window, or outside on the patio where it gets light but not direct sun. 

Water & humidity

Keep the soil moist when the Clerodendrum plant is flowering. Don't let it dry out or the flowers will droop. In winter, water sparingly and avoid using freezing cold water. Average humidity is fine for this plant. 


Feed monthly with an organic fertiliser to help keep those flowers blooming. Leaf drop may occur in cold winter months, fertilise when new leaves emerge in spring.


Re-pot every year, or top up with fresh soil in Spring before the plant blooms again. An indoor potting mix will do.

Atrium Top Tip

In Autumn when the plant has finished flowering, trim back the stems to keep it looking bushy. This is also important because the flowers only bloom on new growth.  

Quirky plant fact

Clerodendrums were first named by a missionary in Nigeria, after his wife. The plant became popular in the 19th Century and was known as the 'Beauty Bush'.