BONGI [Boston Fern, Nephrolepis exaltata bostoniensis]

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The Boston Fern is the darling of all indoor ferns and is one of the easiest to maintain, provided it gets enough humidity (read how to do this here)! Boston Ferns have come in and out of fashion and were big in the 1920s, 80s and once again! They're prized for their versatility and look great on a pedestal, hanging basket or bringing a unique texture to a plant grouping. We personally recommend pairing it with the Lechuza Classico 28 self-watering planter to help give it the conditions it desires. 

The Boston Fern is an air-purifying plant, filtering formaldehyde (commonly found in consumer products).

Comes in a 20cm plastic hanging pot, hanging clip can be unhooked. Decorative planter sold separately. 

Caring for Bongi


Boston ferns prefer a shaded position in a well-lit room, but they are adaptable to bright or medium light conditions.

Water & humidity

Dry soil is one of the quickest ways to kill a Boston Fern, the soil should be slightly moist on top, although not soggy. Be prepared to check the soil almost daily. Dry yellowing leaves indicate low humidity, this plant thrives in a humid environment like the bathroom.


One of the lesser known care tips for Boston Ferns is that they don't appreciate too much fertiliser. Fertilising twice during the growing season with 1-2 of our canola meal sachets should suffice.


Boston Ferns like to be re-potted yearly. All that watering means the soil can get washed out, and fresh potting soil is required. Always mix the potting soil with added peat moss and perlite for good drainage.

Atrium Top Tip

To intensify the Boston Fern's verdant green colour, add 1 tablespoon of epsom salts to 3 litres of water and pour into the soil. Turn the pot around regularly to ensure even growth.

Quirky plant fact

Boston Ferns symbolise sincerity, and according to folklore its presence is a sign that there are fairies living nearby.

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