CINDY Cymbidium orchid


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Flower Power

Cindy is one of the oldest cultivated orchids, going back 2500 years to the times of Confucius, who dubbed the Asian Cymbidium Orchid as the King of Fragrance. Yes, not only are the flowers showstopping, but deliciously scented. What's more, this is one of the easiest orchids to grow, and it flowers year after year!

Comes in a 19cm plastic grow pot. Decorative planters sold separately.


Caring for Cindy


As much morning light as possible for optimal flowering. If your Cymbidium is receiving enough light the leaves will be a yellow-green apple colour. Too much light = yellow leaves. Too little = dark leaves.

Water & humidity

Cymbidiums bloom in winter when the soil surface should dry out slightly between watering. In summer soil should be kept evenly moist. 


During flowering feed Cindy a special fertiliser for blooming orchids. During summer feed with a fertiliser higher in Nitrogen. 


Re-pot every 2-3 years in spring after flowering. Use a special orchid mix with added peat moss or perlite, and mix it with regular potting soil.

Atrium Top Tip

Cut the flower spike just before the last blooms are spent as this encourages the plant to flower next year. Cymbidiums like lower night temperatures in winter (7°C) to encourage flowering. They can be outdoors if there is no frost.

Quirky plant fact

Cymbidiums symbolise virtue and morality. In Asian cultures, it is considered an honour to give or receive a Cymbidium as a gift and they are considered a sign of respect and friendship.

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