DAISY [Senecio macroglossus; Cape Ivy; Variegated Wax Vine]

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Don't be fooled, this plant may look like an Ivy, but Senecio macroglossus is actually part of the Daisy family! Daisy is the perfect muse, and is as care-free as they come. She doesn't care for convention and with her variegated tumbling tresses she's sure to delight in any corner of the house. She's not nearly as wild as her Ivy cousin, and won't take over your house or pavement. 

If you give her enough light she may also reward you with yellow daisy-like flowers.

Comes in a 14cm plastic grow pot. Decorative pots sold separately

Caring for Daisy


Daisy will grow in shade to bright light, and some direct sun outdoors. The more sun she gets, the more likely she is to flower.

Water & humidity

Water once a week. The Cape Ivy prefers to dry out slightly between watering, and is drought tolerant.


Fertilise with a balanced fertiliser like our Canola Meal sachets once every two months in summer.


You'll notice that after a while the leaves start to drop from the lower branches. When this happens it's a good time to propagate cuttings. Just snip off a stem that contains green leaves (chlorophyll is essential for new growth), and place in a glass of water in a sunny spot. Wait for roots to grow before planting back into the potting medium.

Atrium Top Tip

These plants can get leggy, so pinch out new growth on the tips of the stems to encourage a fuller, bushier plant.

Quirky plant fact

Daisy doesn't care much for convention and her leaves are shaped in a variety of ways, each one different to the other. She's also a proudly South African beach babe, growing naturally along the coastline of South Africa from Knysna through to East London and up the KZN south coast.

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