[Dicksonia antarctica; Australian tree fern; Soft Tree Fern] DOOGLE

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Originating from the land down under, Doogle's lush green fronds unfold in a dramatic display of greenery. Place him in your entrance hall, living room or office reception for a statement. An easy to care plant for beginners, mate. Decorative pots not included. 

Doogle comes in two sizes

Small: 20cm grow pot (available country-wide)

Medium: 35cm grow pot (Gauteng only).


Caring for Doogle


Bright light. Can tolerate some direct morning sunlight.

Water & humidity

Water 1-2 per week. Let the top layer of soil dry out between watering. Doogle is more tolerant of drier conditions than most ferns, but will look better in higher humidity.


Once every 2 months.


Every two years or when plant starts to look cramped.

Atrium Top Tip

Tree ferns absorb water through the ginger brown hairs covering their stems, so it’s a good idea to ensure the water reaches the stem.

Quirky plant fact

Tree ferns are the world’s largest ferns, growing up to 20 metres tall in their native habitat. But local hybrids are much smaller and won’t be bursting through your roof any time soon. Just give them enough space to unfurl in a perfect arabesque.

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