[Dumb Cane Plant - Exotica]
[Dumb Cane Plant - Exotica]
[Dumb Cane Plant - Exotica]
[Dumb Cane Plant - Exotica]
[Dumb Cane Plant - Exotica]
[Dumb Cane Plant - Exotica]
[Dumb Cane Plant - Exotica]
[Dumb Cane Plant - Exotica]

DINA [Dumb Cane Plant - Exotica]

Dieffenbachia exotica

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Large variegated leaves and a fuss free nature make this plant an indoor jungle favourite. However, if someone gets the sudden urge to munch down on this plant, they can be struck dumb, due to the sap that swells the mouth, causing temporary loss of speech. This is a grown-ups plant only, not for curious children or pets...or anyone who may fancy nibbling on a houseplant.

Comes in a 14cm grow pot. Decorative pots sold separately. 

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Caring for Dina


Dieffenbachias like filtered light, through half open blinds or thin curtains. They can adapt to low light situations, but if the leaf colour starts to fade they need more light. When new leaves emerge in spring and summer, protect them from direct sun which can burn the tender new growth.  

Water & humidity

Overwatering is the fastest way to kill this plant. Make sure the soil is dry at least 3cm down before watering deeply again until water comes out the drainage holes. Drooping yellowing leaves are a sign of a watering issue. Test the soil to see if it's too wet or too dry. Dieffenbachias adapt well to normal indoor humidity levels, but may need help in winter with misting/humidifier.  


Dieffenbachias don't need lots of fertiliser, but a good feed twice during the summer months will promote lush growth.


When you notice the roots growing out the drainage holes, or you keep on watering and the soil dries out too quickly, it's probably time to re-pot. A normal indoor potting mix will do. If you tend to overwater add a handful of sandy succulent soil for extra drainage. 

Atrium Top Tip

Keep your Dieffenbachia warm. If the leaves start dropping without yellowing first, the plant could be too cold. Rotate your plant regularly, exposing each side to the light source so that it grows evenly on all sides. Brown leaf tips or edges can occur if watering is erratic, this plant likes routine.

Quirky plant fact

Some cultivars of Dieffenbachia can grow 6 - 8 feet tall, but most commercially available varieties remain compact and bushy. The plant originates from Brazil, where tribes deep in the rainforest believe it wards off the evil eye and protects them from negative energy.