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Garden Mint

Mentha requienii

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Did someone say Mojito? No household would be complete without this fresh and zingy herb! And it's super easy to grow.

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Caring for mint


Mint prefers a partially shaded position. It can grow in full sun, but will need more water. It will also adapt to growing in shade. It will also be happy indoors in medium to bright light.  

Water & humidity

Mint loves water! It doesn't like to dry out completely. Water deeply once the top layer of soil is dry. Ensure good drainage so the roots don't rot.


All that watering tends to flush out nutrients, so mint likes monthly fertilising with an organic herb & veggie mix, and compost rich potting soil.


Mint is a perennial and can be quite a vigorous grower if left in the garden unchecked. If grown in pots you can re-pot it every 1-2 years with fresh soil to encourage growth. Mint can also be easily propagated by placing cuttings in water. To ensure the soil doesn't dry out too fast, use a slightly larger pot. The bigger the pot (and more soil) the less fast it will dry out. 

Atrium Top Tip

Harvest mint sprigs before the plant flowers and pinch off flowers as they appear, unless you want the plant to go to seed. 

Quirky plant fact

The name Mentha comes from a Greek mythological character Minthe, who was a nymph that transformed into a fragrant plant. Around the world, mint is a symbol for hospitality. In ancient Greece it was rubbed on table to welcome visitors, and in the MIddle East, mint tea is often served to guests upon their arrival.