WALLY [Mistletoe cactus]

Rhipsalis casutha

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Festive season or not, you can count on the Mistletoe cactus to bring fun to the party! Wally's slightly weird appearance & low-maintenance demeanor makes him a fabulous hanging plant. Interestingly, the Rhipsalis is an epiphytic cactus originating in the jungle, where it anchors itself to rotting leaves and moss in the tree tops. 

Available in a 15cm hanging basket. Accessories sold separately. 

Caring for Wally


This plant may be part of the cactus family, but it has very different needs from the sun worshipping desert plants we know. Unlike its cousins, it orginates from the South American rainforests and enjoys medium to bright filtered light indoors, and shade to semi-shade outdoors. 

Water & humidity

Wally likes to be kept evenly moist during his growing season in the summer. However, rather underwater than overwater. The mound of spaghetti-like stems on top of the soil keep the water from evaporating, so check the soil first.


As an epiphytic plant Wally rarely needs feeding as he absorbs nutrients from the air and his rich soil.


Wally's stems are very delicate, so re-pot carefully if you have to move him into a larger pot. Rather just top up the soil every six monhts or so. Soil is crucial to success here - Wally needs a well draining mixture. If you are not prone to overwatering, then an indoor mix will do. Otherwise add half orchid mix & some succulent mix or gritty sand & bark chips.

Atrium Top Tip

If the stems grow too long, trim them to keep up the plant's bushy appearance. Keep plant above 15°C.

Quirky plant fact

Mature plants produce creamy white flowers along the stems, which bear berry-like fruits. This plant is non-toxic to children and pets.

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