LIV [Livistona Palm]

Livistona rotundifolia

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Bask in the pure breezy air that the large fan-shaped leaves seem to waft towards you. The Livistona Palm is a gorgeous tropical air-purifying plant that grows up to 2 metres tall, but we love this dinky size for your desk or coffee table. A perfect plant to bring some beach bliss to your home or office, while filtering benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene, helping you breathe better, decreasing headaches and improving sleep.

Available in a 14cm grow pot. Decorative pot sold separately


Caring for Liv


Livistona palms need medium to bright filtered light through an east/north facing window.

Water & humidity

Liv likes to keep slightly moist, but never soggy. Let the top 2-3cm of soil dry out before watering again. Avoid letting her dry out completely.


Feed twice in summer with organic fertiliser. Livistona Palms are slow growers so don't need much food.


Although this palm grows slowly and only really needs re-potting every two years, it's a good idea to refresh the soil annually with a peat-rich indoor potting soil to ensure water and nutrient holding capacity.

Atrium Top Tip

It's natural for the bottom fronds to turn brown as they age. Remove these to encourage growth of fresh new leaves from the top and to keep it neat.

Quirky plant fact

Livistona grows in the tropical and subtropical rainforests of South-East Asia, Australia and the Horn of Africa. Because the shine of Livistona’s leaves reflect the sunlight, large Livistonas are used in Malaysia as a natural parasol with built-in climate control.

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