OLLIE - Orchid in Glass Orb [Phalaenopsis; Moth Orchid]

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Who can resist the charm of a Phalaenopsis orchid! Orchids are air plants, growing happily out of the soil in the treetops, which is where many are found in the wild. Therefore Ollie's perfectly relaxed in his home of bark chips and pumice stones, layered in a stunning glass orb.

The Native Decor hand crafted plant stand is also available to fit the orb, giving it extra height and something a little crafty!  



Caring for Ollie


As much morning light as possible for optimal flowering. 

Water & humidity

Water sparingly once a week so that the bark chips are slightly damp. Don't overwater or the roots will get waterlogged and start rotting. The bark chips & pumice stones will retain water for your orchid. TIP: place 1-2 ice cubes in the bowl every week. This ensures a slow release of just the right amount of water.

It's finished blooming, now what?

Cut off the old flower stalk. Fertilise with an orchid fertiliser formulated for growing orchids. This is important to replenish the nutrients lost during blooming. After several months you can try induce it to re-bloom.

How to induce blooming

Orchids naturally bloom when the temperatures change, in this case when they get cooler. Naturally in autumn/winter the orchid will flower again. If you want to induce blooming start to add ice cubes instead of water or move it to a cooler spot. It needs about a month of cooler temperatures to trigger re-blooming.

Isn't it amazing

Moth orchids have been known to bloom year after year for over 30 years if well cared for. See, it is possible!

Quirky plant fact

Orchids were around when dinosaurs walked the earth! According to the fossil record, Phalaenopsis orchids could be as old as 100 million years.

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