Oreganum vulgare


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The Greeks got it right when they called this herb, "Joy of the mountain". Originating from the hilly Greek countryside, Oregano is a must-have in any herb garden. It also makes a great filler plant in between steps or paving stones.

Design tip: Plant it next to lavender for a striking contrast of lime and purple

Plant comes in a black grow pot. Decorative planters sold separately. 

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Growing Oregano


Full sun. Oregano can grow in semi-shade, but it will not be as flavoursome. It can be grown indoors by a sunny north-facing window.


Oregano is droubt tolerant when established and prefers the soil to dry out between watering. However, give your newly planted Oregano a good soaking every few days in hot summers when the soil is dry, especially if it is in a pot. Make sure the soil it's planted in drains well, it won't enjoy clay soils.


Oregano grows best in rockier, sandy soil (Greek islands). Therefore too much fertiliser will harm the plant. A good handful of slow release organic pellets should more than suffice for the year.


Oregano likes being re-potted every year to a larger container. Regular well-draining potting soil will do, with added fine gravel or succulent mix to help the mixture drain well.

Atrium Top Tip

Simply grab the stem about 2/3 of the way down and run your hand upwards, pulling the leaves off the stem. Voila! Just trim the leafless stem afterwards to keep the plant looking neat.

Quirky plant fact

Oregano flowers are also edible and make a colourful topping for a salad. The ancient Greeks believed that cows which grazed amongst beds of Oregano had tastier meat.