PATTAYA [Aglaonema Pattaya Beauty; Chinese evergreen]

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Lucky days

Pattaya is full of fabulous foliage that will glam up a room instantly. Her silver rippled leaves are believed to bring luck in Chinese culture, which is where she got her name. Group Pattaya with other houseplants to create a lush look, or let her bedazzle as a centre-piece all on her own.

Comes in a 15cm plastic grow pot. Decorative pot sold separately 

Caring for Pattaya


The more silver on the leaves, the more light Pattaya needs. Aglaonemas with darker leaves can tolerate shadier spots. Don't expose any Aglaonema to direct sun.

Water & humidity

2-3 a week to keep soil moist. Mist regularly to raise humidity, or place near a humidifier. Keep away from cold draughts.


Once every second month with a sachet of Canola Meal.


Aglaonemas are slow growing and only require re-potting every 2-3 years. A well draining potting mix is suitable.

Atrium Top Tip

The number one rule to remember is keep them warm and moist

Quirky plant fact

Aglaonemas are believed to bring luck to the household and have been sold as ornamental plants in Asia for centuries. They were introduced to the West in 1885, when they were first brought to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

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