PEPPI [Peperomia julii]

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Peppi is a perfectly well-mannered plant - never crying out for attention or growing too big for his boots. He's just happy to sit back on your desk or shelf, enjoying a little morning sun & bathing you in fresh oxygen. Although some Peperomias may look like succulents due to their thick fleshy leaves, they come from the rainforests of South America. We think Peppi is a rather handsome (and unusual) variety with his blushing pink leaf margins. 
Comes in a 14cm plastic grow pot. Decorative pot sold separately.

Caring for Peppi


Peperomias prefer bright filtered light, but can tolerate lower light conditions, although growth will be slower.

Water & humidity

Peperomias don't like to be overwatered. This variety has thick fleshy leaves, an indicator that they're able to hold water. Peppi likes his soil to dry out at least 2-3cm down before being watered again. Average humidity will do, just keep away from cold draughts, or hot dry heaters.


Feed monthly in summer with a sachet of organic Canola Meal. Don't feed in winter.


Peperomias like to be potbound, so they only really need re-potting to refresh the soil every spring. If you want a bigger plant, only go one pot size up.

Atrium Top Tip

Watch out for rotting stalks, wilting or yellowing leaves - this could be a sign of overwatering. Peperomias respond really well to pruning and it helps them retain a bushy compact appearance.

Quirky plant fact

Peperomias are part of the Piperaceae family, with over 1,000 species - the most well-known being Piper nigrum, the black peppercorn vine, which is where we get pepper from!

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