[Blue Star Fern]
[Blue Star Fern]
[Blue Star Fern]
[Blue Star Fern]
[Blue Star Fern]
[Blue Star Fern]
[Blue Star Fern]
[Blue Star Fern]

PHIL [Blue Star Fern]

Phlebodium aureum

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Phil is one of the most handsome and easygoing ferns you can own. His giant star shaped leaves dangle on long graceful bracts. He's not only a looker, but is a recognised air-purifying plant too. If you're new to ferns, Phil is a good one to start with as he's pretty fuss-free and doesn't need constant moisture or high humidity. Decorative pots sold separately.

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Caring for Phil


Phil does well in bright light, but also tolerates lower-light situations. He doesn't mind tanning in a little morning sun.

Water & humidity

Water 1-2 times a week for larger pots. The small size fern will need watering more frequently. Like all ferns, Phil likes slightly moist soil, but doesn't need as much watering as other ferns. He will benefit from misting, but won't throw a tantrum if humidity levels drop. 


Monthly with one sachet of Canola Meal organic fertiliser


The Blue Star Fern is an epiphyte (derives moisture and nutrients from the air), which means it doesn't need to be re-potted all that often. If you do, make sure you use a friable orchid mix.

Atrium Top Tip

When watering, try not to pour water in the middle rhizome (heart) of the plant - it looks like a furry brown root above the soil - as this can cause water to get caught at the bases of the leaves, resulting in rot.

Quirky plant fact

Phlebodium aureum is a member of a very small, and recently discovered genus in South America. It's so new, that not enough experiments have been undertaken to determine if it's poisonous to cats or dogs. But most related ferns aren't, so Buster should be safe around this one.