[Philodendron Rush]
[Philodendron Rush]
[Philodendron Rush]
[Philodendron Rush]
[Philodendron Rush]
[Philodendron Rush]
[Philodendron Rush]
[Philodendron Rush]

Rambo [Philodendron Rush]

Philodendron Congo 'Rush'

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Rambo is super laid back, just like his cousins Ollie and Rojo. His super bright lime leaves are sure to brighten your day!  

Grow pot width: 16cm. Decorative pot sold separately.

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Caring for Rambo


The Philodendron Congo can grow almost anywhere, except in direct sun. Too much direct sun will lead to pale yellow burn marks on the leaves. Medium to indirect light will be best. It can grow in low light conditions, but not as prolifically.

Water & humidity

Water when the top third of soil is dry. Rather underwater than over water this plant and ensure water drains out the bottom of the grow pot. Philodendron Congos are fine with normal room humidity.


Feed once every two months in summer with a high nitrogen fertiliser. Do not feed in winter.


Re-pot every 12 - 18 months if necessary to one pot size up. These plants like being root bound, but even if you are not re-potting to a larger size, the plant will benefit from fresh nutrient-rich potting soil every few months. Philodendron Congos enjoy soil with lots of decaying organic matter - you can add a small handful of kraal manure to boost nutrient levels.

Atrium Top Tip

Too much water will cause the leaves to develope brown/black blotches. Too little water will cause the leaves to shrivel and fall off.

Plant fact

Philodendron is a member of the Araceae (Arum) family and originates from the Caribbean, Colombia and Venezuela.