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[Ponytail Palm]
[Ponytail Palm]
[Ponytail Palm]
[Ponytail Palm]
[Ponytail Palm]

BONNY [Ponytail Palm]

Beaucarnea recurvata

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As cute and fuss-free as beach curls! The Ponytail Palm erupts with wavy green tresses that softly fall down to the floor. This plant adds a burst of energy to any interior space while purifying the air. 

Available in a 14cm grow pot. Decorative pots sold separately.

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Caring for Bonny


Ponytail Palms enjoy basking in bright light by an east or north facing window. Outdoors they can be in full sun. Too little light and their tresses will loose their sunkissed lustre and fall out.

Water & humidity

This beach babe prefers to keep her feet out the water and on the sand. You may have noticed the Ponytail Palm's bootylicous trunk (called a globose caudex). This stores water, meaning the plant is highly tolerant of forgetful houseplant owners and can withstand desert conditions. Wait until the soil is dry at least 3-5cm down before watering again.


Ponytail Palms are not heavy feeders and only need fertilising once in summer.


Ponytail Palms like to be root bound and only need re-potting every other year. Normal potting soil will do, but if you are prone to overwatering add some succulent mix, coarse sand or perlite to aid drainage.

Atrium Top Tip

Don't overwater this plant. Trim back dead leaves from underneath the crown to keep it looking neat.

Quirky plant fact

This plant is not a palm at all, but part of a group of small trees native to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. It is also known as the Elephant's Foot Plant due to its enlarged trunk.