[Potted Staghorn Fern - medium]
[Potted Staghorn Fern - medium]
[Potted Staghorn Fern - medium]
[Potted Staghorn Fern - medium]
[Potted Staghorn Fern - medium]
[Potted Staghorn Fern - medium]
[Potted Staghorn Fern - medium]
[Potted Staghorn Fern - medium]

PRINCE [Potted Staghorn Fern - medium]

Platycerium bifurcatum

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Staghorns get their name from their fronds, which are shaped like an antelope’s horns. They make a wonderful home decor piece in a shaded corner of the patio or indoors. Staghorn ferns can live without soil, and can be mounted on wooden plaques. They are easy to care for and thrive in warm humid conditions. A must-have for an outdoor shower. 
Plant comes in a 12cm grow pot. 
Decorative pot sold separately.

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Caring for Prince


Medium to bright indirect light

Water & humidity

Staghorns don’t need as much water as you’d think and prefer to dry out between watering. As Staghorns are air plants they don't want the potting medium to be constantly wet. Only water when the soil mixture is dry. Rather keep the ambient humidity around them high by misting the leaves regularly, placing near a humidifer or in the bathroom. Read our humidity tips here


Staghorns love potassium. Sprinkle a high potassium fertiliser in the centre of the fern every few months, or you can feed them banana skins. You can also spray them with a diluted liquid fertiliser like Seagro. Halve the recommended dose to ensure it doesn't burn the leaves.


Staghorns can grow in pots or out. If grown in a pot only use a well-draining light potting soil, like orchid mix.

Atrium Top Tip

Don't remove the brown, flat leaves at the base of the plant—these are essential.

Quirky plant fact

The Staghorn has a thin layer of felt-like hairs on its leaves which absorb moisture. If these get rubbed off the leaf will turn brown. Staghorns have two types of fronds. The foliar fronds are also called fertile fronds, and they are erect or pendant. On the underside of the plant are the brownish reproductive structures, called sporangia which produce the spores.