NEO [Red Bristle Philodendron]

Philodendron squamiferum

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Philodendron squamiferum is one of the most striking and rare aroids around. It's a climber, found clinging to the jungle trees of South America. The showstopper leaves and long stems covered with soft, fuzzy red hairs make this a cherry on the cake for any collector.

Caring for Neo


Philodendrons can adapt to medium light situations, but will look more lush in bright indirect light.

Water & humidity

Allow the top 2-3cm of soil to dry out between watering, Philodendrons don't like to have soggy feet. They are happy in normal household humidity, but may need some help during drier highveld winters. Read our humidity tips here.


Feed twice in the growing season with a high nitrogen fertiliser. Do not feed in winter.


Re-pot if necessary to one pot size up. These plants like being root bound. Add some orchid mix and perlite or pumice to indoor potting soil. This ensures good aeration. This Philodendron is an epiphyte (air plant), so gets a little claustrophobic in soil that's too dense.

Atrium Top Tip

Too much water will cause the leaves to turn yellow. Too little water or humidity will cause the leaves to turn brown. If the leaves start drooping, this is a sign the plant is thirsty.

Plant fact

Philodendron is a member of the Araceae (Arum) family and originates from the Caribbean and South America.  

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