REX [Begonia Rex]

Begonia rex-cultorum

R 109.00

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A truly stunning houseplant. The Begonia's leaf colouration is somewhat jaw-dropping with shimmers of purple, burgundy and silver. These are sure to be one of your favourites and will get loads of compliments! Please note, each Rex is unique and will have slightly different colouring and markings. 

Comes in a 14cm plastic grow pot. Decorative pot sold separately. 


Caring for Rex


Place Rex in indirect light. Begonias can tolerate less light because they are not aggressive bloomers.

Water & humidity

Water 1-2 times per week when the top layer of soil is dry. Rex hates to be overwatered, so do not soak him. He loves humidity, but be careful of misting the leaves too much as it can encourage powdery mildew. Droopy leaf tips means its time to top up on the water & humidity.


Once every second month with our BonsaiBoost organic Canola Meal. Do not fertilise in winter.


The Begonia Rex is a rhizomatous plant, meaning it grows from a stubby root stock or rhizome. These plants like larger pots where the rhizome has room to spread. If you see the rhizome start to butt up against the side of the pot, it's time to re-pot. You can divide the rhizome to increase your plant stock.

Atrium Top Tip

Don't leave Rex sitting in water for even a second. It's best to water in a sink and let the water fully run out the bottom of the pot. The Begonia Rex will also thank you for placing it near a humidifier.

Quirky plant fact

The Begonia Rex species, from which all the plants were bred, comes from Assam, northern India.

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