GOOSE [Syngonium White Butterfly; Goose-foot Plant]

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Purify your air

Another of NASA’s top houseplants to clean the air, the Syngonium loves creeping its way around the house when you’re not looking. If you’re after a green draping, climbing or spiraling effect over a shelf, or up a wall, Goose is sure to delight! Comes in a 12cm plastic grow pot. Decorative pot sold separately.

Caring for Goose


Medium to bright.

Water & humidity

Keep the soil slightly moist, allowing it to dry between watering in winter. The more light Goose gets, the more water it should get. In low-light the soil can dry out a bit. Goose likes warm environments, just like in his Central American jungle home. He'll benefit from humidity, but won't throw a tantrum if it gets a little dry.


Goose is a fast grower and needs to eat to keep up his energy levels. Feed every second month with 1-2 sachets of Bonsai Boost Canola Meal. 


You can re-pot Goose in regular potting mix. Re-potting frequency depends on how big you want the vine to get. Climbing plants generally don't need large containers.

Atrium Top Tip

Prune those tendrils to keep the plant from looking scraggly. 

Quirky plant fact

Goose is a South American hottie, frequently found shaking his tail feather in the nightclubs of Mexico and Brazil. He has a high transpiration rate, which means he raises humidity and moisture in a room. No wonder his admirers get worked up in a sweat.

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