SIA [Stromanthe Triostar]

Stromanthe sanguinea

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The Stromanthe is bright as a superstar with her glorious colours. Layers of pink and green variegation make this one of the most striking houseplants around. The Stromanthe Triostar is found in the Brazilian rain forests, and being a member of the prayer plant family, the leaves fold up at night as if in prayer.

Comes in a 14cm grow pot. Decorative pot sold separately.

Caring for Sia


The Triostar enjoys bright indirect light where its colours will shine. But direct light will burn leaves.

Water & humidity

Water twice a week, keeping the soil slightly moist, but never soaked. Too much water will cause roots to rot. If you're unsure rather let the top 1cm of soil dry out between watering. Reduce watering in winter! Triostars love warmth & humidity, so spritz regularly or place near a humidifier. Brown leaf tips are a sign that the air is too dry.


Feed monthly in summer with a sachet of organic Canola Meal 


It's best to do this every year to prevent the soil from becoming too compact. Re-pot in spring with a well draining African Violet mix. Do not pack the soil tightly around the roots - keep it loose.

Atrium Top Tip

Triostars love humid conditions like those found in their jungle home. Read our tips on raising humidity levels for houseplants for best results. 

Quirky plant fact

In the wild, these plants produce white tubular flowers

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