[Philodendron 'Narrow Escape']
[Philodendron 'Narrow Escape']
[Philodendron 'Narrow Escape']
[Philodendron 'Narrow Escape']
[Philodendron 'Narrow Escape']
[Philodendron 'Narrow Escape']
[Philodendron 'Narrow Escape']
[Philodendron 'Narrow Escape']

BRUCE [Philodendron 'Narrow Escape']

Philodendron 'Narrow Escape'

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The Philodendron 'Narrow Escape' or 'Shark's tooth' is an unusual and rare plant with narrow leaves that almost look serrated, like a grinning Great White's mouth. But there's nothing predatory about this laid back chap. Like most Philodendrons its an easy plant to care for! Just let those awesome teeth, um we mean leaves, smile!  

Grow Pot width: 16cm. Decorative pot sold separately.

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Caring for Bruce


Prefers medium to bright light indoors, but does not enjoy afternoon sun. Can grow outdoors in shade. 

Water & humidity

Keep it slightly moist in summer, watering when the top layer of soil is dry. Water deeply, letting the water drain out the bottom of the grow pot. Philodendrons don't like to have wet feet. They're not too phased about humidity, but ideally like humidity levels to be around 50% upwards. Keep it in temperatures above 15°C


Once every 2-3 months in summer with an organic fertiliser. Chemical fertilisers can harm the plant. Do not feed in winter.


Re-pot every 2 years if necessary to one pot size up. These plants like being root bound, and they will start climbing as they grow, producing aerial roots. Normal potting soil rich in organic matter will do. Avoid sandy or clay soils.

Atrium Top Tip

Too much water will cause the leaves to turn yellow. Too little water will cause the leaves to turn brown and fall off.

Plant fact

Philodendron is a member of the Araceae (Arum) family and originates from the Caribbean, Colombia and Venezuela.