Snack pepper red
Snack pepper red
Snack pepper red
Snack pepper red
Snack pepper red
Snack pepper red

Snack pepper red

Capsicum annuum


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There's nothing like crunching into a crisp sweet pepper! Plus they are packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Potassium. Peppers are an easy to grow food.

Fun fact: A large red pepper provides more than 300% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C 

Comes in a 17cm grow pot. Grow bag sold separately. 

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Growing Bell Peppers


Full sun and high temperatures. The optimal temperatures for bearing fruit are between 21 - 31 degrees C

Water & humidity

Most fruit bearing plants need plenty of water and don't like the soil to dry out too much. However, ensure the soil drains well and is not muddy or waterlogged. 


Too much fertiliser will lead to lots of leaf growth at the expense of the peppers. A light feeding with a balanced fruit & flower fertiliser will suffice. Ensure the soil is well composted. 


Peppers are annuals as they cannot stand the cold weather, so will not need to be re-potted in the season. They may need staking for support as they grow. Mulch the soil to decrease water evaporation and protect from cool nightime temperatures. 

Atrium Top Tip

When harvesting, the longer you leave the pepper on the plant the sweeter it will be, as well as being more rich in vitamin C.  

Quirky plant fact

Bell peppers are actually a fruit, as they are seed bearing. Sweet peppers are the only member of the pepper family that don't produce capsaicin, which causes the strong fiery taste.