SPHUMLILE [String of Pearls]

Senecio Rowleyanus

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Proudly South African

Another South African beauty that's famous all over the world. The String of Pearls is a fascinating plant, found naturally in the Namaqualand. The trailing stems are a delight, making it a real collector's item. Place in a hanging basket for a dramatic cascading effect as it grows.

Decorative pots sold separately.

Caring for Sphumlile


Bright light. Enjoys some direct morning sun.

Water & humidity

As a succulent, the string of pearls doesn't need too much water. Give it a good soak when soil is dry (1 week to 10 days in summer) then let it dry again between watering. Young plants need more water while established plants can go for a month without water. Reduce watering in winter!


Twice in summer with one sachet of Canola meal


Can be divided and re-potted in Spring. Cuttings can also be propagated. Only use a cactus/succulent potting mix.

Atrium Top Tip

Shrivelled beads could indicate a lack of water. Soak the plant and see if they plump up.

Quirky plant fact

In their natural habitat they grow as creeping vines on the ground, with their stems crawling and rooting wherever the stems touch the ground. In the wild it also produces clusters of small, white trumpet-shaped flowers in spring.  The sap is toxic to pets and small children, who may be enticed to eat the beads.

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