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BOWIE [Banana Leaf]

Strelitzia nicolai

Cape Town Only

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A Touch of Tropical Inside

Native to South Africa, this striking statement piece with its broad leaves, and stand up elegance has become known as the tropical "must-have" of indoor plants. Adaptable and happy in our natural climate, this moisture-loving local wants to enjoy a spritzer with you!

Extra Large: 38cm grow pot Approx height: 1,25m from the ground

Large: 30cm grow pot Approx height: 1m from the ground

Medium: 25cm grow pot: Approx height: 95cm from the ground

Small: 23cm grow pot: Approx height: 95cm from the ground

Baby: 19cm grow pot: Approx height: 85cm from the ground


Plant comes in a black nursery pot.

Available in Cape Town only.

Decorative pots sold separately.


Flat shipping rates apply per order (add more plants & pay the same on shipping). Gauteng R79, Western Cape R89. Rest of South Africa R119 (Except Limpopo, Mpumalanga & Northern Cape R149).

FREE DELIVERY on orders over R1000! Read our shipping policy here.

Caring for Bowie


Bowie can adapt to different light conditions although is happiest in bright light. Flourishing in sunny spots, these statement plants are most likely to produce more stems in warm, lighter spaces.

Water & humidity

Consistent watering will keep Bowie happy. Remember different indoor climates will mean your soil may dry out quicker. Keep an eye on your top layer of soil, allowing it to dry out between watering to ensure no over watering. Bowie loves tropical weather and so water and humidity are important in keeping him happy. Regular misting to boost his humidity will make him feel right at home. Native to South Africa, these plants love light and warmth.


This tropical beauty has a need to feed. Bowie grows quickly during the warmer months and so enjoys fertilisers during Spring and Summer to boost his already impressive growth. It isn't necessary to feed him during the cooler months.


Strelitzia nicolai stems can reach up to 6 metres under the right conditions and will need re-potting to accommodate growth. Re-pot every 1-2 years to one pot size up. Bowie needs firm footing to strengthen his stems as a statement piece in your home.

Atrium Top Tip

If you notice your leaves turning brown, it may be from a salt build up in the soil due to tap water as these plants tend to be more sensitive to chlorine and salt. We suggest using water from a filtration system, and if you do not have access to one, try leaving your water to stand over night to let the chlorine sink over night which will help reduce this.

Quirky plant fact

The breaks in your Banana Leaf's leaves are not necessarily reason for concern! These occur naturally in the wild to make them more aerodynamic for wind and rain...