[Umbrella Plant - small]
[Umbrella Plant - small]
[Umbrella Plant - small]
[Umbrella Plant - small]
[Umbrella Plant - small]
[Umbrella Plant - small]
[Umbrella Plant - small]
[Umbrella Plant - small]

Rihanna [Umbrella Plant - small]

Schefflera arboricola

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Named after its flat leaves shaped like the spokes of an umbrella, the schefflera is popular for its low maintenance and air-purifying abilities. The variegated variety has stunning ribbons of eye-catching lime on its leaves, instantly lifting a dull corner of a room.  

Comes in a 14cm nursery pot. Decorative pots sold separately. 

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Caring for Rihanna


Bright filtered light. They enjoy some direct morning sun.

Water & humidity

The watering requirements for the Umbrella Plant are similar to any Ficus. Water this plant only when the top 3 - 4cm of soil is dry (around every week in summer to every 2 weeks in winter). Then water deeply so that water runs out the drainage holes of your grow pot. This plant does not like to be consistently moist or sit in water. Yellowing leaves signal overwatering. Normal room humidity will do.


Every second month in summer. This plant doesn't need too much fertiliser.


Every 1-2 years in spring. Or when the roots start to grow through the bottom of the grow pot. Fast-draining potting soil will do.

Atrium Top Tip

Keep your Umbrella Plant warm and away from draughts and air conditioners! It does not like temperatures below 15 degrees. If the leaves drop suddenly this could be the case, or severe underwatering. This plant also requires occasional pruning to retain its compact, bushy shape.

Quirky plant fact

The schefflera orginates from Taiwan and southern China. When grown outdoors in warm climates it produces stunning red flowers that resemble the tentacles of an octopus.