BEN [Weeping Fig Tree]

Ficus Benjamina 'Golden King'

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Buddah was said to gain enlightenment while sitting under the the Weeping Fig Tree or Ficus Benjamina, which is the official tree of Bangkok, Thailand. Not only a great source of wisdom, they're brilliant air purifying plants, and the 'Golden King' variety has a particularly splendid leaf variegation. 

Available Gauteng only

Comes in a 30cm plastic nursery pot. Decorative pots sold separately.

Caring for Ben


Ben enjoys bright to filtered sunlight indoors.

Water & humidity

Allow the top 2-3cm of soil to dry out between waterings. Normal room humidity is fine.


Ben enjoys fortnightly feeding during summer. Use an organic fertiliser.  


The Weeping Fig is slow growing and re-potting is only needed every 2-3 years. It's a good idea to top dress with fresh potting soil every six months. If re-potting, move to one pot size up. Normal indoor potting mix will do.

Atrium Top Tip

Watch for dry shriveled leaves, which are caused by under-watering or too much sun exposure. Leaf drop is normal. Clean the leaves regularly with a damp cloth to prevent pests like spider mites. Ben also prefers not to be moved around too much.

Quirky plant fact

The name “benjamina” comes from the Hindi name “Benjan”.  In Indonesia weeping figs are seen as the link between the human and spirit worlds, and in the Middle East, figs are regarded as a tree of peace and abundance.

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