[Zamia furfuracea; Cardboard Cycad] ZAMIA

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Turn up the heat with this exotic species. Native to Mexico, Zamia’s bold, striking and sultry. She isn’t afraid to be different, and her geometric foliage is sure to turn heads. Place her in a dull corner as a dramatic focal point. Adios! Gauteng only.

Grow pot width: 22.5cm. Decorative planter not included. 


Caring for Zamia


Medium to bright. Zamia also enjoys direct sunlight. This is a pretty heavy plant, so it's a good idea to put it somewhere where you don't need to move it around a lot.

Water & humidity

Water weekly to once every second week. Zamia's can handle periods of drought.


Feed twice during summer with one sachet of BonsaiBoost organic Canola Meal. Cardboard cycads are not heavy feeders.


This might take several years as cardboard cycads are slow growers. Re-pot if Zamia starts to look cramped and the roots start growing out the container. A good cycad potting mix is 1/3 succulent mix, 1/3 compost & 1/3 potting soil. Add some riversand or fine gravel for extra drainage, & a cup of bonemeal for nutrients.

Atrium Top Tip

Occasionally turn the plant in front of the window, so that each side gets equal sun exposure. Or it will grow lopsided.

Quirky plant fact

Like all Cycads, Zamia’s are dioecious, meaning there are separate male and female plants. The females produce an egg bearing cone, and the males produce a smaller seed-bearing cone. The cones are toxic to pets and children.

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