Meet Misha, blogger, business owner & mother of two

Meet Misha, blogger, business owner & mother of two

We first got personally introduced to Misha when working with her on a joint campaign where she demonstrated her ability to create on the spot and highlight the best of the brands she was working with. What’s more is that it became clear that she really just loves plants.

Image credit: Misha Levin

Misha is a Johannesburg-based mother of two, blogger, business owner and general “sharer of things”. If you find yourself captivated on her website you will see that her passions include travel, DIY, gadgets, bargain-hunting, plants (ah yeah!), decor, design, fitness, food, fashion and photography - what a woman! 

What we love about her style is that she has created a place to share, inspire and inform people of the things that she discovers daily in an authentic way, one of which was Atrium Plants, which led her to being our November feature for Bud Sessions.

Do you have a passion for plants, and what started it?

You bet! My mom has the greenest fingers in the land and I like to think a little bit of this rubbed off on me. It started about 10 years ago when I settled back in South Africa after a stint in London and could finally start collecting indoor plants because I knew I was, err, putting roots down. 

Image credit: Misha Levin

What benefits do plants bring into your life?

Gosh, for me the benefits are endless. I find being a plant-mom to be like dirt therapy and there's something immensely therapeutic about the process of caring, watering, repotting, seeing growth. I think having living things in and around one's home is good for its energy; it transforms something static into a living breathing thing.

What does having plants around your space mean for you?

Besides the therapeutic, energetic and aesthetic element I also find caring for plants to be a challenge; I love the problem-solving it brings and having to learn new things about new plants to keep them happy, healthy and thriving.

Image credit: Misha Levin

Which is your favourite plant at the moment and why?

It's certainly not rare nor particularly arresting but the good ol' Philodendron Scandens has a special place in my heart. I have a long-term vision of vining my living room one day and I'm on a mission to collect and grow these babies so they can transform my home into a jungle eventually. It amazes me how quickly they vine and how easy they are to propagate. The Philodendron Brasil is a firm favourite right now because of it's beautiful leaf variegation.  I also recently got my paws on a Calathea Orbifolia and she's everything I dreamed she'd be.

What are your top plant parenting tips that you’ve found to be most effective?

Water less. I think the biggest mistake most people make is embracing their inner Almyra and smothering their plants with water. Choose a day (or two) to water and build this into your routine. I also always feel my plants' soil to make sure they need water. Make sure you give your plants fertiliser occasionally and keep an eye out for nasties that need to be addressed.

Image credit: Misha Levin

Have you ever had a serious plant fail?

Trying to propagate cuttings in Autumn/Winter. I had no idea just how powerful the sorcery of Spring is; it's actually magical to watch Spring and her roots unfurl.

If your plants could talk, what one thing would they tell us about you as a plant parent?

Hopefully that I'm doing a good job and that they're happy I'm their mama ;) Sometimes I wish my human children were as well behaved as my green ones.