How long will it take for my products to be delivered?

Our plants are sourced from only the best growers in the country, certified by the South African Landscapers Institute (SALI) and the South African Nurseryman’s Association (SANA). Rather than keeping a large urban inventory, we prefer to deliver your earthly goods ‘fresh’ from the farm where they’ve been lovingly and expertly cared for. This means plants may take 3 – 5 days for delivery. Trust us, it’s worth the wait!

We deliver during weekdays between 08:00 – 17:00

If you’d like to arrange weekend delivery, please contact us on support@atriumplants.co.za

If you’d like to arrange an early delivery, please contact us on support@atriumplants.co.za. Special deliveries will come at an extra cost of R150. We’ll try to be as speedy as possible, but things like breakdowns, strikes, traffic congestion and alien invasions can affect the time of your delivery.

How will my order be delivered?

Considering plants are living things, just like us, they don’t like being cooped up in dark corners of a van for long. We use a combination of our own delivery team for larger items, and same-day couriers for smaller items, hardier plants, pots & accessories. We package everything extremely well, and plants that are couriered are wrapped in biodegradable kraft paper, spritzed with water, and placed snug in a box with a fragile sticker. We use only the best courier companies in South Africa.

Our own drivers are also extremely kind to your plants along the way. Expect to open your front door to a healthy happy plant and a smile! Please note our drivers wear identification badges.

Do you offer same day/weekend/early delivery?

Same day delivery: We don’t offer this service at the moment, but watch this space.

Weekend delivery: Please email us on support@atriumplants.co.za to request for weekend delivery, there may be an extra charge.

Early delivery: Please contact us on support@atriumplants.co.za to arrange an early delivery. This will come at an extra cost of R150. We’ll try to be as speedy as possible, but things like breakdowns, strikes, traffic congestion and alien invasions can affect the time of your delivery.

Where do you deliver?

All our botanical accessories, plant stands and pots are available for country-wide shipping.

Our small & medium sized plants (up to grow pots of 18cm diametre) are also available for country-wide shipping. Our larger plants are only available within Gauteng. The cost to deliver a large plant to another province is rather expensive, which is why we don't offer the service. If you'd like to request a quotation to courier larger plants countrywide, please let us know on support@atriumplants.co.za

Shipping rates



Gauteng - R79 standard

Rest of South Africa - R119 standard (Except Limpopo, Mpumalanga & Northern Cape) 

Limpopo, Mpumalanga & Northern Cape - R149

Shipping costs will be automatically added at checkout. 

We deliver to main centres and towns only. We do not deliver to rural or outlying areas, please check with us if you are unsure.


Why does my plant look different to the pictures?

As living organisms no two plants are the same. The sizes we provide on the website may vary slightly. So can leaf colour, leaf size, width and density of foliage. If your plant isn’t fulfilling your green desires, you may return it within 72 hours of delivery as per our returns policy.

What happens if no one is at home?

Your plant is really excited to meet you, and we don’t want them to feel disappointed or wither in wait on your doorstep. We send out notifications on your delivery status, and on the day of delivery, so please be sure that someone is home or notify us. Our delivery hours are between 08:00 to 17:00 during weekdays. It’s not always realistic to expect the drivers to contact you via phone. If they try ringing the intercom without success more than three times, they’ll have to turn away. 

Can I send a message with my order as a gift?

Yes, we have a message box at checkout.

What are my payment options?

Plenty! You can pay by debit card, credit card, EFT, Ozow or direct deposit - whichever is easiest for you. We’re proud to partner with PayFast, SA's leading online payment gateway, ensuring a secure, easy payment process.

Returns policy

Can I return my products?

Yes - here's how it works

We have a 72 hour refund policy should a plant or pot arrive damaged. Please send a picture of the item within 72 hours of delivery to support@atriumplants.co.za. We can replace the item free of charge, issue a store voucher or offer a cash refund.

If you change your mind about an item and want to return or exchange it, please let us know within 72 hours of delivery. Please note: you will be responsible for paying an additional shipping fee for returns & exchanges. This will be the same as our standard shipping fee per province.

Plant care

I’m scared I’m going to kill my plant, how can you help?

At The Atrium we’re here for you every step of the way, with the best plant advice specifically curated to make it easy and simple. Follow our plant care instructions, blog and videos and you are well on your way. If your plant is refusing to cooperate, obedience training is possible – just drop us a line with your plant ailments, we're here to help.

Will my plants survive over the holidays?

Hmmm – well if you’re away for more than a week then it would be wise to bribe a friendly neighbour to look after them. If you’re away for a week or less, just give your plants a thorough soaking before you leave, and group them together in a shadier spot if they’re currently in bright light.

Are my plants child/pet friendly?

There are a few plants that can be toxic to children and pets. We have a list of toxic plants here. 

How long will my plants live for?

Most indoor plants and succulents are perennials, which means they keep on spreading their green charm year after year. Generally, smaller houseplants live for between 2-5 years, the medium-sized plants live for between 5-10 years and the larger plants live for between 10-15 years.

Do I need to pot my plants?

Our indoor plants do not need to be potted. In fact, please don’t re-pot them. They come ready in a plastic grow pots with drainage holes and all the right kind of soil they’ve been happy in since birth. All you need to do is place your grow pot in a decorative planter without drainage holes. You'll find the correct planter size for each plant recommended at the bottom of the individual plant page.

Our outdoor plants do need to be planted into the pot using some extra potting soil. Here’s how:

Ensure you place pebbles, large stones, polystyrene pieces, or broken pieces of terracotta or clay at the bottom of the pot to ensure good drainage.

Add some compost to the bottom of the container.

Remove your plant from the nursery pot, careful not to disturb the roots too much.

Place the plant in the pot. You may need to add some extra potting soil to ensure the base of the plant is about 2-3 centimetres below the rim of the pot.

Fill with potting soil and use your hands to firm the soil around the base of the plant. Water well, making sure the water drains out of the holes.

What if I’m not sure which plants to choose?

Not sure which plants to choose? Good thing we have professional landscapers and horticultural experts in our arsenal. We provide a fully comprehensive plant styling and interior landscaping service for businesses in the corporate, retail & hospitality industry. For a consulting fee one of our interiorscaping gurus will come and visit you. They’ll perform a full audit of your space, come back to the office drawing board and compile a presentation of suggested plants and accessories, including a quotation for the installation. We also provide 3-D CAD drawings upon request.

Our team will style the plants specifically for your space and requirements, and pair them with our beautiful planters to best suit your interior design. We'll make sure all your ivy entangled, delicious monster dreams come true. Time to make your friends green with envy!