Plant styling services

Lots of green. Lots of oxygen!

We provide a fully comprehensive plant styling and interior landscaping service for offices and businesses in the retail & hospitality industry.

Want something bold in an office hallway, or need to motivate and inspire your co-workers? We'll be able to help.

How it works

One of our interiorscaping gurus will come and visit you. They’ll perform a full audit of your space, return to our office and compile a proposal with a quotation for installation. We also provide 3-D CAD drawings upon request.

Cost: R1 000, which is redeemable should you go ahead with the installation, provided it's over the value of R20,000, otherwise 50% is redeemable.

We also provide weekly plant maintenance services upon request.

Our team will style the plants specifically for your space and requirements, and pair them with our beautiful planters to best suit your interior design. We'll make sure all your ivy entangled, delicious monster dreams come true. Time to make your friends & colleagues green with envy! 

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 "When we approached Atrium Plants, we had just moved into our new offices and were in desperate need of some greenery to add a special touch to our space. Carolyn and her team came up with really good ideas and have provided us with great plants that have really elevated the aesthetics of our office.

I am extremely happy with the service that we have received as they come every week to look after our plants, so I don't have to worry about them at all . We have had many compliments from clients and visitors to our office and I would definitely recommend Atrium Plants. Thanks Carolyn and team!" - Tshepi, Jellyfish Digital Marketing Rosebank.

Studies show that plants improve concentration & productivity, and increase creativity in the office.

Spots of greenery brighten up our environment, infusing the energy of the outdoors in. Plants help us disengage from our computer screens, providing a resting spot for tired eyes. In our digitally connected world, plants are a healthy respite. They ground us, helping us to reconnect with nature.

Plants also absorb harmful indoor air pollutants. Extensive research by NASA has revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87 per cent of air toxins in 24 hours.

Read more about the benefits of plants.

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