About us

Urban jungle to urban paradise

Plants make us feel good! Not just because they're beautiful. They purify our air, boost energy levels, inspire creativity and help us feel relaxed and calm. 

But the urban jungle has us indoors a lot - so why not bring nature inside, or right onto our balcony? Our goal is to help you create the plant paradise of your dreams.

Going to the nursery can be daunting. There's so much too choose from, it's impossible to know where to start, let alone researching which plants are going to survive in your space and how to style them to make them look fabulous! 

The Atrium takes out the hassle, curating and delivering the best in plant paradise to your door. We make it easy for you to find and select the right plants and planters for your unique needs. Our botanical emporium stocks only the best plants from award-winning South African plant breeders, steeped in years of experience. All our plant suppliers are affiliated with the South African Nurseryman's Association (SANA) and the South African Landscapers Institute (SALI).


We provide everything an urban gardener needs to get creative and keep their plants healthy.

We're modernising the urban garden centre, curating and delivering the best products for urban gardeners.

Our mission is to spread the joy and benefits of plants!  

Owning your piece of paradise is within easy reach, just click here to start!  

"Everyone should be able to connect with nature, even in their living room." Carolyn Ashmore, UK City & Guilds qualified landscape designer and founder of The Atrium. 

Our Atrium plant promise