Meet the new trendsetter: The European Olive

Meet the new trendsetter: The European Olive

It’s been scientifically proven that including plants in your living space not only filters the air but makes you feel relaxed and inspired. Trending in the interior design spheres of late has been none other than The Olive Tree.

Coming directly from God’s grove, Olive Trees have long been symbols of peace, wisdom, prosperity, victory and tranquility. We couldn’t sell it better ourselves! We are seeing more of this subtle sage tree inside than out, being used as both a big or small gap filler, as well as a feature plant.

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The Olive Tree works very well with contemporary living spaces that use texture as it compliments a distinct luxe-bohemian style. The angelic Olive Tree also works seamlessly in a Mediterranean or Tuscan type interior. If you want to bring more rural flare into your space, an Olive Tree can add a touch of farmhouse charm too.

Make sure you put your Olive Tree where it can get at least six hours of sunlight each day and bear in mind that, under the right circumstances, it can grow up to one and a half meters tall if you don’t prune it, so make sure you prepare enough space.

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Over the past two years we experienced the “Fiddle Leaf Fig movement”, trending on every Instagram page and movie set, now we find the trend moving towards the smaller leafed trees such as the Olive Trees. A welcome movement for the low maintenance plant parent as they do not require much attention. Olive Trees flourish best near north facing windows and are easy to maintain as they tolerate dry air and dry soil. 

“Why not extend an olive branch to a friend as a gift instead of a bunch of flowers”, says Joanna Gaines - host of popular show “Fixer Upper”. She is a great supporter of the Olive Tree idea and how it transforms your space. With Valentine's Day around the corner, we couldn’t agree more!

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From a styling perspective, we suggest you let your Olive Tree stand out on its own and not group it with other plants. It needs its own space so let it become a feature in your house. It definitely becomes a conversation point because it is so different from our normal leafy friends with its sage colour, and it looks good in any kind of pot. 

According to William Bryant, “The Groves were God's first Temples”...if not getting your hands on one doesn’t leave a pit in your stomach, we don’t know what will."

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