[Chinese Money Plant]
[Chinese Money Plant]
[Chinese Money Plant]
[Chinese Money Plant]

PILEA [Chinese Money Plant]

Pilea peperomioides

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Pilea peperomioides or Chinese Money Plant has captured the attention of the global plant community for its perfectly round, bright green leaves and easy going nature. First cultivated high in the Chinese mountains over a century ago, it has only been commercially available in the West for the past few years. The coin shaped leaves are believed to bring you money honey!

Pileas are also known as the friendship plant because it is so easy to propagate from the baby plants it produces. Just choose a baby cluster sprouting up from the soil and gently dig it out and away from the mother plant, roots attached. Plant in moist soil or leave in water for the roots to develop further.

Comes in a 16cm grow pot.

Decorative planters sold separately.

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