Plant care essentials

Watch your urban jungle thrive

It's exciting to watch your plants grow and thrive! You want to give them the best chance possible to transform into the urban jungle of your dreams. That's why we've unpacked the essentials of plant parenthood. 


How to water your houseplantsWater comprises almost 60% of an adult human’s body weight. For a plant, it’s 80 – 90%! But that doesn't mean they like being drowned with water. Here's how to get it right.



Natural sunlight is essential for all plants to thrive (light bulbs don't count). But how much sun is too much? And how do I know if my plant is getting enough?



How to increase humidity for houseplants
Most houseplants with their sultry tropical leaves originate from jungles and rainforest environments. Think exotic holiday destinations like Panama, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. This means they thrive in humid conditions. Here's how to increase the humidity around your houseplants.


Succulent care

'Succulent’ is a broad term for a group of plant families including Cacti, Agaves, Euphorbias, Sedums, Echeverias and Aloes that have succulent type properties that all have similar needs.



Re-potting is essential for houseplant survival. As the nutrients in the soil become depleted and your plants grow, replacing and refreshing the potting medium is like a plant makeover. Here's how to do it right. 



how to fertilise house plants

Just like your vitamin enriched, kale packed, turmeric dusted smoothie makes you want to yodel from the top of Mt. Everest, fertiliser gives your plants a boost! Here's how.