ANELE [Anthurium andreanum; Flamingo Flower; Lace Orchid]

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Lady in red

Anele is sure to delight with her bold leaves and bright flowers. She's a statement plant, bright and beautiful! Anthuriums originate from the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. They love humidity and warmth.

Comes in a 14cm plastic grow pot. Decorative pot sold separately 

Caring for Anele


Anthuriums love bright indirect light. In poor light they will not flower. Direct light can cause sunburnt leaves. 

Water & humidity

Anthuriums love high humidity, warmth and water. But don't drench the plant & water only when top layer of soil is dry. Mist regularly and avoid cold drafts.


Twice in summer


Every 1-2 years in a well-draining friable potting mix. Once re-potted, the plant should sit at the same soil level as it was in the original pot. Slide the Anthurium carefully from its current pot. Tease the compacted rootball gently with your fingers to release the roots. Place the Anthurium in the pot, then fill in around the root ball with potting soil.

Atrium Top Tip

If your Anthurium completely dries out, you can dunk the grow pot in a bath of water, or let water run through the pot for a few minutes to re-hydrate it.

Quirky plant fact

The colourful heart shape is not a flower, but a spathe or shield-like leaf. Its function is to protect the yellow spadix, which contains several tiny flowers when in bloom.

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