BENJI [Long Leaf Fig; Ficus binnendjikii 'Alii']

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Want to bring the outdoors in? Originating from the tropics of India, Ficus binnendjikii is a species of fig tree that adapts well to the home. His densely packed slender foliage will transport you to an exotic veranda setting, with the breeze playing through the leaves of trees all around you. 

Available Gauteng only

Comes in a 30cm plastic nursery pot. Decorative pots sold separately 


Caring for Benji


Benji enjoys bright to filtered sunlight.

Water & humidity

Allow the top 2-3cm of soil to dry out between waterings. Benji enjoys warmer water and chilly water in winter can cause leaf-drop. Also avoid cool draughts. Normal room humidity is fine.


Benji can be a hungry chap and enjoys fortnightly feeding during summer. Use a diluted liquid fertiliser like Seagro, or 1-2 sachets of our organic canola meal. Don't feed in winter.


The roots of the Long Leaf Fig are slow growing and re-potting is only needed every 2-3 years. It's a good idea to top dress with fresh potting soil every six months. If re-potting, move to one pot size up. Normal potting mix will do.

Atrium Top Tip

Watch for dry shrivelled leaves, which are caused by underwatering or too much sun exposure. Clean the leaves regularly with a damp cloth to prevent pests like spider mites.

Quirky plant fact

The Ficus Binnendjikii was first grown commercially in Hawaii where it got the Hawaiian nickname “alii” which means “king.”

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