BEYONCE [Adiantum gracillimum; Maidenhair Fern]

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Big hair day

Just like the superstar, Beyonce can be a diva! She’s drop dead gorgeous, but requires a minion to bathe her in a pure aqua mist all day…maidenhair ferns do NOT like to dry out. Beyonce is mostly found along forest streams, her fronds sashaying in the water. She’ll be happiest in your kitchen or bathroom! A self-watering planter is highly recommended. 

Comes in a 12cm plastic grow pot. Decorative pot sold separately . 

Caring for Beyonce


Medium light.

Water & humidity

Water every second or third day in summer to keep moist. In winter let the top layer of soil dry out slightly & reduce watering. Keep the atmosphere moist with a spritzer, humidifier, or place plant by the kitchen or bathroom sink.


Fertilise every 1-2 months in summer with one Canola Meal sachet. All that watering will flush out much-needed nutrients. Reduce feeding in winter.


Re-pot once every two years in spring using good potting mix and added pumice stones for water retention. You can also split the plant into two using a sharp knife through the rhizome.

Atrium Top Tip

You can also increase humidity by placing pot on a tray of pebbles with water. The water should reach just below the pebble tops. Or place wet moss in the small gap between the planter and the plastic grow pot.

Quirky plant fact

The Maidenhair fern is found growing in rock crevices and on the side of cliffs. It became a sought-after houseplant in the 1920s and was popular in terrariums and greenhouses.

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