Biogrow Bioneem Organic Insecticide 250ml

Biogrow Bioneem Organic Insecticide 250ml

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Neem oil contains key insecticidal ingredient Azadirachtin that acts as a feeding deterrent for insects.

Bioneem is used to control a wide range of insects (up to 200 insect types) including white flies, leafminers, mealybug, thrips, fruit flies, leaf hopper, red spider mite, weevils and many more. Azadirachtin is relatively harmless to insects that pollinate crops and trees, such as butterflies, spiders and bees; ladybugs that consume aphids; and wasps that act as a parasite on various crop pests. This is because neem products must be ingested to be effective. Thus, insects that feed on plant tissue succumb, while those that feed on nectar or other insects rarely contact significant concentrations of neem products.

For best results use in conjunction with Biogrow Pyrol Organic Insecticide.

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