CLARA [Caladium]

Caladium hybrid

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Clara sure knows how to wow her fans. Her large heart shaped green leaves are a breath of fresh air! Caladiums make great conversation pieces. Originating from deep within the heart of the Amazon, we're really glad 18th Century explorers braved the jungle to find her! Comes in a 15cm nursery pot. Decorative planters sold separately.

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Caring for Clara


Caladiums prefer indirect bright light and warm temperatures. Keep away from cool breezes or draughts. 

Water & humidity

Caladiums enjoy fairly moist soil without being soggy. In winter they enter a period of dormancy, in which case stop watering until new leaves grow in Spring.


Fertilise monthly in summer. Do not fertilise in winter. Use a slow-release well balanced organic fertiliser. Be careful of fertilisers too high in Nitrogen as this can affect leaf colour.


You can re-pot them while they are dormant. Remove tubers and place in a well-draining potting mix. Wait for new leaves to emerge before watering.

Atrium Top Tip

Keep your Caladiums warm. Add mulch, such as pine straw or bark chips, to help retain soil moisture and conserve water.

Quirky plant fact

Caladiums are part of the Araceae family, of which the elephant ear is most commonly known. There are over 1000 cultivars of Caladium bicolor from the original South American plant. Every year a Caladium festival is held in Lake Placid, Florida, home to a majority of the world's Caladium fields