[Lipstick Plant Twister]
[Lipstick Plant Twister]
[Lipstick Plant Twister]
[Lipstick Plant Twister]
[Lipstick Plant Twister]
[Lipstick Plant Twister]

Thabani [Lipstick Plant Twister]

Aeschynanthus 'Twister'

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The Twister Lipstick Vine is laid back, quirky and colourful. He's all you need to brighten up summer! Originating from Malaysia, the unusual & striking Aeschynanthus species make great hanging plants. They're easy to grow, just give them enough warmth & light. Marley will bloom on and off throughout the year, but that fabulous hairdo is enough all on its own.  

Please note: Lipstick plants flower on and off throughout the year. The Twister may not necessarily have blooms on it when it arrives.

Comes in a 14cm hanging grow pot. Hanging hook can be un-clipped. Decorative pots sold separately. 

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Caring for Thabani


Lipstick plants need bright filtered light for flowering. An east facing windowsill is ideal, or a brightly lit patio position that's sheltered from direct sun. Be careful of harsh afternoon sun, or direct rays that could scorch leaves.

Water & humidity

Lipstick vines are susceptible to root rot from overwatering, so ensure they are not soggy or sitting in water. Keep the soil just slightly moist during summer when the plant is flowering, allowing the top layer to dry out before watering again. Reduce watering in winter.


Feed monthly with an organic fertiliser to help keep those flowers blooming. 


Lipstick Plants like being root bound. Only re-pot if necessary. An indoor potting mix will do, however if you're prone to overwatering add a handful of succulent mix, perlite or pumice stones to aid drainage. Even if not re-potting, top up with fresh soil every few months to keep up nutrient levels.

Atrium Top Tip

Pruning your Rasta vine is not essential, but can help if you want a bushier plant. Just pinch off the new growth at the end of leggy vines. Always check the soil to see how dry it is before watering. If it's wet, don't water.  

Quirky plant fact

Lipstick Vines are epiphytes found in the Malaysian jungle. Epiphytes grow on other plants, like trees, and derive water & nutrients from the air, just like orchids do.