[Dendrobium orchid]
[Dendrobium orchid]
[Dendrobium orchid]
[Dendrobium orchid]
[Dendrobium orchid]
[Dendrobium orchid]
[Dendrobium orchid]
[Dendrobium orchid]
[Dendrobium orchid]
[Dendrobium orchid]

DENNY [Dendrobium orchid]

Dendrobium nobile

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Flower Power

Dendrobiums are found naturally clinging to trees in the forests of southeast Asia. This plant is so exquisitely perfect when you first set eyes upon it you'll hardly believe it's real. But the flowers' beautiful fragrance tells you there's nothing plastic about them! The profusion of blooms along thick canes last around 6-8 weeks. They flower throughout the year. 

All our orchids are hand delivered. Available Gauteng only.

Comes in a 12cm grow pot. Decorative planters sold separately.


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Caring for Denny


As much morning light as possible for optimal flowering. If your Dendrobium is receiving enough light the leaves will be an apple green colour. Too much light = yellow leaves. Too little = dark leaves.

Water & humidity

Dendrobiums like moist soil while they are flowering & producing new leaves in summer. As autumn approaches & the plant stops producing new leaves, reduce watering to once every 2-3 weeks, allowing the soil to dry out, but not completely. Only increase watering again when new buds appear in Spring. Brown leaf tips are a sign the air is too dry and your orchid may need a humidifier. Read our humidity tips here.


During flowering feed your orchid regularly with a special fertiliser for blooming orchids. After blooming, feed with a fertiliser high in Nitrogen. Reduce feeding in winter. 


Re-pot every 2-3 years in spring after flowering. Use a special orchid mix.

Atrium Top Tip

Once the flowers have shrivelled, gently pluck them off the stem. After a few years some of the canes will start to get old and woody. Ensure there are at least 3 good canes with leaves before cutting off old ones, as they contribute to nourishing the plant. 

Quirky plant fact

The name 'Dendrobium' means 'life in a tree' in Greek becuase the plants are naturally found growing in trees. Some Dendrobium species are used to cure earache and ear infections.